Ashwani Rathore

CEO & Co-founder, SpiderG

B.Tech from National Institute of Technology (NIT)- Allahabad and an MBA (Finance) from Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Ashwani Rathore is the Co-Founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) at SpiderG. Ashwani started his career in 2005 with IT major Cognizant, and then worked for a product company Talentica Software. In 2007 Ashwani had also started a venture “Moms Kitchen”, a food e-commerce and aggregator and ran it for 3 years. After this venture, he worked for Venture Capital firm IndiaCo Ventures Ltd where his role was deal evaluation for investments

With over 10 years of experience in finance and marketing, a large part of his experience involved setting up new businesses across e-commerce, IT, and B2B industries. An ardent finance and marketing professional, Ashwani is well versed with the finance and marketing segments related to SME’s. As the CEO of SpiderG, Ashwani is responsible for Finance, Marketing and Hiring processes. He is also accountable to drive revenue and margins by scaling up of operations and ensuring the right finances are in place to capture growth opportunities. 



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