Ashwin Suresh

Managing Director of Megamorph Marketing Pvt. Ltd

Ashwin has had a varied professional experience spanning various industries over a span of 11 years. With a degree in BBA & MBA (Marketing & HR) from IMI Belgium he spent the initial years of his professional career in Marketing & Corporate Relations at various organizations. A very passionate trainer & teacher in the domain of Team Building, Communication and Leadership Ashwin has conducted over 130 training programs and trained over 4,500 students & staff.

He always wanted to do work that had a purpose and meaning. Megamorph as a business contributes to the safety and hygiene of millions of people and that gives him an immense sense of satisfaction. Ashwin enjoys tending to his garden and create artworks via graphic designing software in his spare time.


Growth Strategies

How to Build a Brand That Matters

You need to focus on feedback to make certain changes and modify your marketing campaigns.

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