Avijit Arya

Founder and Chief Mogul

From streetcar racing to driving digital revenues for top 600 hospitality companies across 10 countries, Avi – as he is endearingly known in the circle – has helped build and grow many businesses, through a journey of almost two decades. He is one of the first few entrepreneurs who adopted the digital medium during its early days. In an era when not many people were aware about the scope of internet, he was already sending out short video replies to his clients overseas, despite feeble internet speed. They were a total hit and led to a massive query conversion at a rate of almost    90%. This is when he began to realize and actualize the importance of Digital Media.

He is the Founder & Chief Mogul at Internet Moguls – a complete hybrid tech + service agency for hotels, restaurants, travel companies airlines and tourism boards – offering end to end digital marketing solutions to the hospitality sector and delivering ‘guaranteed revenues.’

Today Avi Arya is one of the most trusted names in the digital marketing world. Father of 2 beautiful girls and 6 lovely dogs, he maintains his restlessness under many hats – Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer, Hotelier. Media describes him as “the poster boy of Internet Marketing”.



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