Deepa Bachu

CoFounder and CEO of Pensaar

Deepa Bachu, CEO & Co-founder, Pensaar, a design-thinking and strategy firm is a mentor at Axilor and iSPIRT, who frequently engages with startups to share lessons learned and skills acquired during the course of her own work experience and professional success focusing particularly on Problem-Solution fit and Product-Market Fit for early stage start-ups.

Deepa is a design and product leader who spent the last 20 years at large multi-nationals and Tech Startups leading their Design, Innovation and Product Management functions. Her passion is to transform customers’ lives by creating products that solve their biggest unmet needs. Products that make the customers’ life better and delivers unexpected delight!





Fall in Love with the Problem, Not the Solution

Once entrepreneurs have identified a solution to a problem, they will defend it at all costs


Why Should Entrepreneurs Make Time To Mentor Other Startups

The best way to understand a concept is to explain it to someone else


How To Balance Worklife As A Mompreneur

The only way I know to be truly satisfied with the work-life balance I need is to ensure that I love what I do.

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