Dimple Mirchandani

Founder, Secret Dresser

I am 25 years old , hailing from a Delhi based business family . I graduated in the field of Accounting and Finance from (University of Manchester, UK) , after which I got  International Certification as Nutrition And Health Consultant from Institute For Integrative Nutrition (New york ,USA) & Diploma in Sports Nutrition from Oxford Learning (UK) . Thereon  I got on to exploring various other fields and got certification in Astrology ,Tarot Reading & Numerology .Recently I was awarded international certification in Yoga training & Currently I am pursuing certification in Diamonds and gemology From GIA.  Having said all that , I started working at an early age  and gained much insight of business world by working for family business. However ,I was always passionate about doing new things that led me to start my own ventures - Holistic Nutrition and Secret Dresser.


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