Dipti Singla

CEO at Bnext

Spearheading Bnext as the CEO, I manage a host of portfolios that range from handling Daily Operations, Project Management, Product Development and Sales & Marketing, while being actively involved in each and every business move. A self-driven and growth-oriented entrepreneur with an eye for detail, exceptional problem-solving skills and a passion for innovation, I’ve learnt to spin the challenges to opportunities.

Learnings from my 10 years of experience, backed by market study and technological expertise, deep-rooted interest in B2B E-commerce and the challenges of general trade in India, motivated me to co-founded Bnext. It’s a SAAS Enterprise Software that connects the entire Wholesale Distribution System i.e. Manufacturers to Wholesalers, Wholesalers to Distributors, and Distributors to Retailers. My ability to constantly strive for better and achieve beyond imagined possible has been a major turn-key in the success of my last project BluBox – an E-com service provider for the B2C market. After analyzing the market and realizing the growth opportunity in B2C e-commerce space, I Co-founded BluBox with the intent of bringing about a solution to a significant yet neglected problem for the major growth drivers of India- the SMEs. Served 1000+ vendors as strategic partner to set up their online sales channels.



Starting a Business

Are Indian B2B Startups Adding any Value to the Sector with New Disruptions?

It is a known fact that Indian Wholesale Distribution System still largely functions under the complex network which can be greatly eased with the help of digitization

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