Dr. Amarjeet Singh

CTO & Co-founder, Zenatix

Dr. Amarjeet Singh is the CTO & Co-founder at Zenatix. He is responsible for technology strategy and implementation and has keen interest in developing cyber-physical applications, specifically in the energy domain.

Prior to starting Zenatix, Dr. Singh has been the Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at IIIT Delhi, whereby he continues to engage with his PhD students, pursuing research in the domain of energy data analytics.

An IoT and data analytics enthusiast, he started out as a senior R&D engineer at Tejas Networks and went on to pursue MS and PhD from University of California. Prior to Tejas, he completed his Bachelors of Technology in Electrical Engineering from IIIT-Delhi.

He was recently awarded the “50 Most Impactful Smart Cities Leaders” Award at the 6th edition of World CSR Congress for work done in making energy consumers more efficient using data and helping cities become smarter from energy efficiency perspective.



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