Dr. Pratima Sheorey

Director, Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD)


News and Trends

Human Capital Management: Need Of the Hour For Today's Business For a Safe And Sustainable Tomorrow

Here are some digital transformation trends helping HCM in education-based learning

News and Trends

Six Emerging Trends In the Study Of Finance Management For an Efficient Workforce

As the influence of finance escalates, it pervades in all areas of the industry


Why Yesterday's Skills Are Not Enough For Business Schools To Survive In Today's Digital Transformation Age

As entire processes and workplaces are being transformed with the help of technology, it also warrants an upgrade in the skills required to excel at the job

News and Trends

How AI Is Changing Corporate Decision Making

Until the introduction of AI and ML, major decisions were taken based on months of researching and data collection

News and Trends

B-Schools Need To Build Employability Rather Than Being Employment Exchanges

Most Indian B-schools are currently seen as a way to step up the career ladder and seek well-paid opportunities. And, this viewpoint can only be changed when B-schools start focusing on shaping mindsets of the students instead of being placement hubs

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