Dr Ravisha Narasimha Murthy

clinic Director, Dr Murthy Ayurved Clinic Bangalore

He is one of the few doctors who delve deepinto Ayurveda textbooks written in Sanskrit to find out solutions for current day medical problems. He inspires with his words and actions and believes inhealing with natural things; He educates his patients about creating a right environment for the bodyto heal quickly and effectively. He is currently pursuing his PhD on medical knowledge in Sanskritbooks from University of Madras, Chennai.

Dr Murthy Ayurved Clinic started by DrRavishainBangalore undertakes novel treatments for Stroke, PCOS/PCOD, Arthritis, Spondylitis,Asthma, AVN etc. Effective medical practices combined with the wisdom of researching the centuries old Ayurveda textbooks has led to path-breaking treatments by him.


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