Gaurav Kapadia

Director & Co-Founder, GroupDrop Online Pvt. Ltd.

Gaurav Kapadia, Director and Co-Founder of GroupDrop, started working on the portal with a conviction that the future of big ticket shopping is group buying.

After attending engineering school at Bombay Institute of Technology, Gaurav was naturally drafted into his family business at M/s Toughalt India and made a lot of impact right from inception. In the late 90’s, Gaurav made his first foray in e commerce by starting a B2C portal by the name of, and hit it off with a strategic partnership with

However the burden of a growing business at Toughalt and the bubble burst of e commerce, made Gaurav move back to Toughalt, which he then led to becoming the largest manufacturer of bitumen drums in the country and the first one to backward integrate into filling of Bitumen for PSU refiners. Now he’s back with 2.0 at GroupDrop, with a great team and the passion and commitment to take things to the next level. When not at work you will find Gaurav playing tennis across the country.


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