Prateek N Kumar

CEO & MD, NeoNiche Integrated Solutions Pvt Ltd

Prateek N. Kumar dons many hats; he is a successful serial entrepreneur, a professional CEO, prolific business writer, an angel investor and motivation speaker. After spending nearly two decades working with teams selling everything from fireworks to soaps, to yellow pages and exhibition booths, Prateek chose to step out of his day job in 2011 to pursue his passion that’s when he founded NeoNiche, which has become a multi-million-dollar company . NeoNiche has won more than 21 awards including the "Rising star of India branding management company”,"Most admired experiential marketing company" and "emerging company of the year”. 

Apart from his role as CEO of NeoNiche, Prateek is a passionate speaker, presenter and content creator. He has spoken at many conferences and delivered many keynotes ,His most famous topics include Thinking like an Entrepreneur; Understanding Digital Disruption, Creating Value from Ideas,Branding in Digital era and Fail fast. He is also known for mentoring startup and also writes extensively on Entrepreneurship, leadership, Marketing and Digital Disruption.

He is been conferred with numerous awards including "CEO of the Year 2018”, "Bharat NavNirman Ratan Award” ,"Dr. Abul Kalam Excellence Award” ,"Business Leadership Award for best business practices” ,"Young Entreprenuer of the Year award 2015”, "International Business Leadership Award” and “Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence award"

Outside of work, Prateek is an ardent supporter of Animal rights doting father to twin boys and his fur-kids,A yoga practitioner he blogs passionately on his experiences. 



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