Harsh Chauhan

Co-Founder and CTO, MiniDukan

Harsh Chauhan is the Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of MiniDukan.

An optimistic and dexterous entrepreneur, Mr Chauhan is known for spotting new opportunities. With a work experience of two decades across various sectors, his expertise lies in building highly scalable systems and connecting them to Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) and other user interfaces.

At MiniDukan, he is responsible for developing a range of domains that include product design, software development and catalogue processes. He has successfully developed the MiniDukan app, which has a file size less than 2MB, a lightweight mobile app, along with an in house e-commerce platform and a backend Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for their warehouses.

In 2011 he founded ibe.net, a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) company. Harsh has held leadership positions in Fishbowl a leading data, marketing and analytics solution provider and SAP Labs where he lead teams of product and engineering for various business units

In his leisure time, Harsh is passionate about playing cricket and Table Tennis.


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