Ishmeet Singh

Blockchain & ICO Adviser

Ishmeet is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with extensive global business experience. He is a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency specialist and a seasoned FinTech professional with expertise in building technology products for Fortune 500 companies like MasterCard, Metlife and Adobe. He has built data-driven, intelligent technology platforms for hedge funds, finance, e-commerce, travel and healthcare companies in the past. Currently, Ishmeet is advising Deep Aero ( to build cutting-edge technology solutions that utilise AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Big Data to solve real-world problems through their Drone Traffic Management platform. Deep Aero is building an autonomous drone economy powered by Artificial Intelligence and blockchain. Their offerings are expected to change the urban transportation landscape by bringing aviation and cargo delivery demands in consumers’ fingertips.




Five Things to Keep in Mind while Raising Funds through an ICO

ICOs are nothing but crowdfunding campaigns in which contribution is in the form of cryptocurrencies.

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