L R Sridhar

CEO, Connect India

Mr L R Sridhar, One of India’s logistics pioneers, who designed and implemented logistics and supply chain solutions since 1981. Starting his career in express logistics early in the 1980s, he is one of the key people who built networks and organizations like SKYPAK, Overnite Express and Corporate Couriers –the Indian joint venture of TNT Express Worldwide. At the acme of his career, Sridhar was Group Managing Director of Sical Logistics Limited Chennai, one of South Asia’s largest bulk and container cargo conglomerate. It was in that capacity that he realized that skilled manpower was a big constraint for the logistics and developed an interest in skill building. Connect India currently has over 8,000 franchise outlets in 75 locations across India, reached over 5000 pin codes and is being used by e-commerce giants like Flipkart, Amazon, Pharmeasy, and Fed-ex among others. 


Growth Strategies

Logistics is Key to Ensuring Rural-Urban Connectivity in India

Companies that have already invested in the following features can adapt to the supply chain complexities quickly, and meet the growing requirements with ease

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