Lalit Sharma

Founder and CEO, Ranking By SEO

Lalit Sharma is the founder and CEO of Ranking by SEO, a leading SEO company in India.



These Proven Online Reputation Repair Strategies Will Fix Your Brand's Negative Image

Follow these proven online reputation repair tips to build a clean image online. The 4th tip can really make a difference.

News and Trends

#5 Mobile SEO Mistakes that Can Kill your Conversions

Improving website site speed, eliminate intrusive interstitials, improve typography, increase the size of touch elements, and write persuasive website copy will increase conversions


#5 Top SEO Trends That Will Dominate in 2018

Around 60% searches now come from mobile phones and Google is planning to make search index mobile first in the near future

Social Media

#5 Ways How Twitter Can Complement Customer Support

Twitter is an awesome tool to complement customer support as it offers businesses the subtle ability to connect with their customers

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