Manoj Surya

Co-founder, TruePush


Starting a Business

Starting a SaaS Company from India? 5 Essentials You Should Know

The abundant IT talent, unsolved opportunities, cheaper workforce and a strong digital infrastructure has made India one of the fastest-growing SaaS markets


Here's How You Can Learn to Handle Guilt to Have a Better Life

"My guiding principle is this: Guilt is never to be doubted." ― Franz Kafka


Step by Step Guide to Reading 52 Books a Year

If you are reading speed is 20 pages/ hour(which is the average), keep 2 hours every day to hit 52 books a year


#6 Things That Will Help You Have a Warrior's Mind

Mind can be tamed it's just a matter of right way of doing it and once tamed it becomes a wish fulfilling boon


How to 10X Your Learning From Others' Experiences

You can choose to learn all by yourself or learn from others experiences.

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