#6 Things That Will Help You Have a Warrior's Mind

Mind can be tamed it's just a matter of right way of doing it and once tamed it becomes a wish fulfilling boon

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By Manoj Surya • Aug 7, 2018


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Every once in a while everyone gets into tough times and that's the time when you need to be mentally insanely sane. Thankfully, there are ways to keep you mentally sane while you deal with the problem or wait for it to settle down. But let me remind you, these techniques should become guidelines for you on a day to day basis. You won't be a great warrior without training yourself on your strengths and techniques every day.

- Do Things That are Under Your Control and Set Goals

You get frustrated either when things are out of your control or things don't happen as you wanted it to be. For example, you may be expecting a good design for your website from the designer but he may not have lived to your expectations or you find mistakes in content after it goes live. It's okay. Do what you need to do to fix it and treat it as a task to be done than imploding your mind with frustration and anger.

While you do this, you also need to have a reward system where you keep doing things every day that are in your control. For Example, you may want to read 15 pages every day or work out for 40 mins and stick with it. It's something you can control if you are disciplined. When you stick to things you can do, Two things happen 1) You will learn to be disciplined. 2) You know you can do things well when they are in your control and other things in your life that are frustrating you, you just know its out of control and it's not your fault. Once you start feeling this practically every day, you will be much stronger mentally with less frustration and anger on things.

- Talk to Your Friend(s) Everyday For a While, We are Social Animals

We all are social animals and if you live in isolation or in monotony, sooner or later your mind will be prone to fatigue and you will be less productive, more tired. A simple way to break this is to talk to your friends about anything actually. Give your mind a break from all day work and allow it to speak what it wants to speak. Talking is like eating and sleeping, it is one of the most basic human need.

- Its Okay For Things to Screw Up

Things screw up all the time and it's okay. If you are improving your life, you need to be fixing things all the time. It just needs to become a habit of seeing things as it is and not getting stressed. Sometimes things screw up big time and it's not a great thing, you want to throw things around and probably not even have a good sleep thinking about it, but you got a choice 1) Either be stressed up, feel the pain and get down the rabbit hole of feeling the impact of screw up 2) Use that time to think through the solution. You will benefit thinking through the problem in most of the cases.

- Be in the Present

Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now, says the only reality happening to you is "Now', focus on the now of your life. Most of the stress comes from thinking about past events or expectations of future events. You may be thinking about how bad the sale went or expectation of how your sale meeting is going to happen tomorrow. Strictly speaking, see things as they are and do just one thing now without stressing about the past or future.

- Eat and Sleep Properly

Not sleeping or eating properly is a statement that most entrepreneurs bragging as if its a nice thing showcasing their hard work. I feel somewhere we should fix this view of not sleeping or eating properly on a consistent basis equating it to working hard. I remember watching a video where the fellow says they are told to eat properly, work really hard, exercise and sleep. It's a God level suggestion for anyone building a company. You should love to take care of yourself.

- If Possible, Play a sport or Go to the Gym

I would strongly recommend for you to go do a physical work out every day. It not only helps you with keeping you in good shape, it also helps you to give a mindset to push yourself.

Bottom line: Take breaks every single day, be in the present moment. Make sure you are improving on something you love doing and take care of yourself.
Manoj Surya

Co-founder, TruePush

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