Moolesh Jain

Co-founder , 108 Bespoke

Moolesh is the Co-founder of 108 Bespoke, a bespoke clothing store with a presence in Bangalore and Chennai. 108 Bespoke offers handcrafted, custom-made suits and corporate wear for women and men. With a belief that every individual deserves bespoke garments that are tailored to fit his/her own unique silhouette and desired style statement, every piece of apparel at 108 Bespoke is an exclusive fit. Each outfit has individuality imbibed in it.  With a team of eight designers, 14 tailors and two founders leading the pack, 108Bespoke has serviced clients like Robert Kiyosaki, Businessman, and Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad; Indian Hockey players - Raghunath V R, Vikram Kanth, and SV Suni, Sameer Dattani, Actor.  



These Are the 5 New Rules Of Power Dressing

The way you dress strongly influences the way others perceive you

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