Nona Walia

Journalist and Writer

Nona Walia is a successful journalist and writer. She’s the author of The Art of Mental Toughness: Survival Lessons from the Pandemic. A motivational expert, she is passionate about helping people live their lives in the best possible way. A wellness warrior and a wellness blogger, Walia has done certified online course on Science of Well-Being from the Yale University. She runs a Wellness Channel on YouTube. She has worked with The Times of India for 24 years as a Senior Assistant Editor and is also the acclaimed writer of many articles for Thrive Global.



Is Monotasking the New Multitasking?

Forget multitasking, break the trap of busyness. Try monotasking to get your focus, attention and super efficiency back this year


The Rise Of Youpreneur

Everyone's turning into a 'youpreneur' in the pandemic. Brand 'you', got even bigger! In the world of social media, virtual hybrid work-life, everyone is their own personal brand entrepreneur


The Rise Of Anti-hustle Culture

The pandemic slowed on-the-go, overworked, grind-till-you-get-tired hustlers. We are witnessing a wave of anti-hustle culture in the year of great resignation. Will 2022 bring new work-life patterns for wellbeing?

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