Parikshit Chitalkar

Co-founder, StashFin

Parikshit has over 17 years of experience in Fintech and leading engineering / product teams in cloud native, mobile applications, SaaS, DevOps and Cloud Computing in Canada and USA. Parikshit started his career in Canada in the Banking sector where he was building derivatives trading & risk management platforms, he then moved on to start an enterprise mobility venture called 6DegreesIT deploying a custom big data analytics platform onto enterprise mobile applications for three $5bn+ companies. Parikshit successfully exited this company to a private equity fund based out of the US, before returning to India.  At StashFin, Parikshit leads the Technology build out & oversees the data science initiatives. Parikshit is an AWS certified solutions architect & an avid technology enthusiast.  Having grown up in a military family traveling all over India, Parikshit is also a certified commercial pilot.    



Web 3.0: The Gateway For Financial Inclusion And Freedom

Does this next phase of the internet have a dependable future?

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