Prabhu Kannan

Vice President Technology at Epsilon

Prabhu, a Mumbai University alumnus in computer applications, is a keen observer of impact of technology on consumer behaviors, marketing and commerce. He has spent the better part of his 22+ year career staying ahead of consumer behavior and technology trends and enabled delightful experiences for consumers of fortune 500 clients across the globe. Sitting at the intersection of marketing, technology, creativity and commerce, he is known for building teams with diverse skills; align them to the common goal of delivering seamless experiences within the context of a brand's purpose. He is of the opinion that creativity must challenge technology and technology must fuel creativity. He is known to express his views through speaking engagements and articles, many of which are published by mainstream and digital media.  His newest obsession is data and figuring out ways to leverage data, technology and creativity to solve real business problems for his clients.

An avid runner having run half marathons at Mumbai and Bangalore, he is also passionate about reading, travelling and exploring new places.  




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Data intelligence enables marketers to understand the needs and wants of their consumers and as a foundation helps to pave the path to knowledge- based app development.

Social Media

Driving Response Through Creativity In Email Marketing

Personalizing offers based on consumers' locations and/or interests boosts response, goodwill and retention

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Companies delivering quality customer experiences are rewarded in the long-term.

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