Pronam Chatterjee

Co-Founder and CEO of BluePi Consulting Pvt Ltd

Pronam Chatterjee, Co-Founder and CEO, BluePi Consulting, spearheads his team of experts to deliver solutions to retailers and ensure they grow, profit and succeed.

A technology expert, with 20+ years of experience in the field of digital transformation, enterprise software, computing architecture and analytics, Pronam, continues to successfully lead his team at BluePi, a key player in offering retail optimization solutions. At BluePi, Pronam wears two hats of building strategic business alliances and be instrumental in ensuring delivery of robust and custom-built retail solutions.

With deep expertise in new-age technologies and business strategy, Pronam along with his friend Kaushik Khanna, started his entrepreneurial journey and founded BluePi Consulting in 2012 in Gurgaon. The organisation specializes in providing customized solutions to the retail industry and has successfully implemented solutions pan India for leading retail customers.

Spearheading BluePi, as its CEO, Pronam navigates his team in strengthening the organisation’s brand value and business growth.  Pronam envisions BluePi to be a market leader in data driven business transformation that help retail customers to grow and profit further. He is passionate about leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to further strengthen the retail industry.  BluePi also aims to expand to other industry verticals as well by leveraging the same transformation capabilities.  

During his successful career-life spanning over 2 decades, Pronam has held key and responsible positions having worked in leadership and technology-related roles.  Prior to starting BluePi, he was the CTO-Products at Xerox.  In his role at the organisation, Pronam led several technology initiatives that were successfully implemented.  Under his able leadership at Xerox, the next version of US benefits outsourcing systems were re-engineered with modern user interface.  

Earlier as a Staff Systems Engineer at VMware, Pronam provided subject matter expertise for all business associates in addition to contributing towards business development.

As Director-Architecture at Affiliated Computer Services, Pronam was instrumental in the implementation of next generation web portal as well as ERP based multi-tenant HRO products for SMEs.  

Earlier to this, he managed technology related projects at Sapient and Hewitt Associates. At Hewitt, Pronam has been instrumental in setting up the initial operations and scaling it successfully. He was one of the early leaders at the organisation, who built the team of a few employees to a 2,500-member strong organisation.

Equipped with a BS (Chemistry) from Delhi University and an MBA (HR) from University of Calcutta, Pronam joined PwC to start his career before moving on to work at Skytech Solutions and Polaris.

Pronam is passionate to bring business value to the retail industry by leveraging AI/ML, data analytics and other new age technologies as he has a deep understanding of them.

Besides work, Pronam spends his leisure time honing his chess skills and reading books on various subjects, where his favourite genre is geo-political strategy


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