Pushkar Mukewar

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Drip Capital


Growth Strategies

'Atma Nirbhar' Indian Exports Will Require a Rethink – and a Reset

Indian Exporters Need to Move Away from Export Promotion Schemes to Become 'Atma Nirbhar'

News and Trends

Trade Finance In Times of Coronavirus: Analysing Alternatives

Cash flow strains will be the first biggest predicament after the lockdowns.

Growth Strategies

10 Entrepreneurial Skills to Defy All Odds and Rise to the Top

Innovation shines when a go-getter decides to set their ideas into the form of an experiment


Invoice Factoring: How it Helps SME Exporters

Invoice factoring is a useful tool wherein an exporter can sell its invoices (or account receivables) to a third party, or factor, for cash up front

Growth Strategies

How Manufacturing-Focused Policies and Tax Breaks Can Boost Exports

The US has filed a complaint against India - backed by heavyweights such as EU, China, Japan, Russia, and eight other countries - alleging that it has violated both the above condition

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