Radhesh Menon

Head, Product Management and Strategy, Air Cargo LoB at IBS Software Services


Radhesh Menon heads product management and strategy for IBS' offerings in the Airline Cargo Solutions line of business. In this capacity, he is responsible for short and long term product goals, competitive benchmarking, product roadmap and innovation practice. He is also responsible for running the product community model. He has over 16 years of experience in the air cargo and logistics business systems in air cargo, industry best practices and new industry initiatives.

Radhesh played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and developing the blueprints for IBS's new generation product line for air cargo management. He was instrumental in setting up and running the IBS Core Group of Influence (CGI) – a partnership of IBS and several leading carriers for the conceptualization of IBS' new generation cargo system - iCargo.



API Based Air Cargo Ecosystem in the Future

This is by no means a simple task in today's circumstances given the antiquated systems and technologies that most of the industry still relies on

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