Rajat Kapur


Rajat Kapur is the Founder and CEO of Cosmos Green, an innovative startup in the scrap metal recycling space. Under his guidance, Cosmos Green has signed long-term metal scrap supply agreements with India’s largest metal manufacturers.

Mr. Kapur has over 10 years of professional work experience which includes starting an international pre-shipment inspection company that inspected containerised goods at foreign ports-of-origin for import and export businesses. He has also worked with the world’s leading metal scrap recycling and trading companies helping them create billion dollar companies in a short time span. In 2015, he formed his own metal scrap recycling company in the UAE.

He is an international businessman, a global traveller, and an adventurer who loves creating new profitable businesses to infuse people with fun and a spirit of adventure. His unique life experiences and intensive travels allow him to view the world as a playground from which ideas, commodities, emerging trends, innovations, and technologies can be imported and exported.

Mr. Kapur is also committed to contribute and give back to society. He does so through his NGO called Human Consortium for Awareness Courage and Charity. His NGO is registered under Section 25 and is not-for-profit. Mr. Kapur’s hobbies include trekking and hiking. He is also a certified/licensed mountaineer, paraglider, horseback rider, and scuba diver. He also enjoys yoga and meditation.  


Growth Strategies

Recycling Metal Scrap is a Challenge or an Opportunity?

Manufacture of steel and other metals in India, although generating profits for manufacturers, when combined with recycled metal scrap will lead to greater production of metal at a lower cost

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