Rajeev Banerjee

Co-Founder & CEO at RightTap

Rajeev Banerjee, CEO and Co-Founder of RightTap, a mobile aggregation platform designed to cater futurist communication and customer service. It is envisioned to facelift the former customer care system and replace the voice operation with a modern intuitive mobile app. He is an industry expert with over 16 years of experience working with brands like Vodafone, ICICI Prudential, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, etc. His thorough expertise of sales, marketing and P&L allows him to acquire a holistic approach towards solution designing and market understanding.

After completing his graduation in B.Com (Hons) from the University of Kolkata, he went to pursue a degree in PGDBM, Sales and Marketing. He joined Vodafone (known as Hutch back then)in 1998 as a Sales Trainee and moved up to handle the Direct Sales Team. He also worked with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd for over 2 years as Sales Manager. From then till 2015, he has worked with well-established brands of the media industry, at high designations. 2015 onwards he dedicated himself towards Digitouch Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd, which is the parent company of RightTap. 



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