Rajesh Kumar B

Co-Founder, LearnBee

Rajesh is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully built three enterprises in the Learning & Development space. FACE – Focus Academy for Career Enhancement, his first initiative, is India’s largest placement training company that has transformed the careers of over 1.4 million students since inception in 2008. ChalkStreet, his second initiative, is an Online Marketplace that helps people rediscover the joy of learning. It offers affordable courses on career development and other learning needs of young adults LearnBee, his most recent initiative, seeks to solve the most crucial Enterprise challenge - improving productivity. It is a mobile-first, offline enabled, gamified solution with bite-sized, fun and engaging learning schema. His Sales & Marketing prowess has helped him in setting up these enterprises on an exponential growth trajectory.



A Startup's Guide to Recruiting Sales & Marketing Freshers

You are chauffeur driven to the institution where you deliver a presentation, conduct an aptitude test, interview prospective talent and issue the offer letters.

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