Ramanan Subramani

CMO, Spoors Technology India Pvt Ltd.

Ramanan Subramani is the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, and the chief spokesperson for the company. He is a polymath and comes with 16-plus years of experience in both technology and marketing/ communications. He holds a bachelor’s in physics and a master’s in computer application. He also has a postgraduate diploma in Intellectual Property Rights, and holds a certificate on Design Thinking and Innovations (Distinction) from MIT Sloan. When he isn’t working, Ramanan works on snake rescues (he is an amateur herpetologist).

Spoors is a flexible, domain-agnostic, self-serviced, cloud-based solution that helps businesses maximize productivity using enterprise workflow and activity management.


Growth Strategies

How Time Tracking is Different from Time Policing

Every employee in a company should be explained why the employer needs a time-tracking data and how it benefits them

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