Ravinder Goel

Director - Little Nap

Awardee of The World's Greatest Leader 2015 Asia & GCC, Mr. Ravinder Goel is a well-respected entrepreneur who has spent around 14 years in the Marketing and Retail industry. Over his illustrious career, he has enjoyed the experience of multicultural customer behaviour and the finer details of the world of marketing.

With a vision to do something big in today’s competitive market, this ambitious man completed his MBA from Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai, before being introduced to the tough world of business.

In 2011, after serving 7 years in the professional world, he decided to enter the brutal world of business with Little Nap Designs Pvt. Ltd. With not only money but also his career at a big risk, he started running the company with his passion and perseverance.



What Does it Takes to Build a Unique Concept?

There is nothing better or more rejuvenating than natural sleep and these manufacturers are trying to deliver an experience which is similar in nature to their customers

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