Richa Maheshwari

Fashion Photographer, Founder, Richa Maheshwari Films & Photography

Travel addict, TEDx speaker, award-winning photographer and entrepreneur, Richa Maheshwari wears many caps with equal ease.  

 A photographer with a penchant for fitness, she also holds the Limca record in the fitness category for maximum burpees in one minute breaking the current world record.

 But her struggle has been real, very real when she began her artistic journey seven years ago while still in college.

 The vision of RichaMaheshwari Films & Photography began with a creative dream while she was studying Fashion Communication in the prestigious National Institute of Fashion & Technology (NIFT), New Delhi. 

 While her classmates worked to pursue coveted careers in graphic design or visual merchandising, she experimented with photography armed with her trusted DSLR companion, Nikon D60. A foresighted professor noticed her strength in communicating art and design through this medium and encouraged her to hone this natural talent.

After ensuing freelance opportunities and many a sleepless night researching and learning the equipment, photography turned from an avocation into a full-fledged vocation.

A self-made woman, she had set up a small studio by the end of her college year and managed to carve a niche for herself without having a godfather in the industry or even assisted any photographer.

Today, RichaMaheshwari Films & Photography is a trusted, award-winning brand in the world of fashion, textile, beauty and advertising with a plethora of national and international clients. From identity makeovers, branding to visual imagery, cataloguing and more, the company strives to push the creative envelope when it comes to providing their clients with the best.



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