Rishabh Chokhani

Founder, Naturevibe Botanicals

Rishabh Chokhani, CEO and Founder, Naturevibe Botanicals, is a management graduate, visionary and a health enthusiast.



Growth Strategies

Steps to Take Your Business Beyond Borders

To fit locally, products and services need to be customized

Growth Strategies

5 Must-Have Skills For Organic Food Business

Though the demand and profits in this business is on the rise, there are a certain skill sets required to fare well in making a mark in the industry

Growth Strategies

Increase in the Global Demand of Organic Food: Decoding this Trend

GMO-free content, nutrient richness, zero growth hormones, zero antibiotics, fewer pesticides, improved freshness levels, and better environmental stability and these are the things that we need

Growth Strategies

Five Factors Contributing to the Growth of Organic Market in India

The Government of India and the state governments have found a way to improve the administrative system of natural items alongside revealing numerous plans to boost organic farming

Growth Strategies

How the Organic Food Category is Shaping in India

Here's Why Organic Food Has Become so Essential For India

Growth Strategies

Indian Organic Food Industry: Trends Forecast 2019

Here are a few factors that will accelerate the growth of the organic food industry

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