Sabena Puri

Co-Founder, Stage3

 “Creating a ground breaking customer experience has been my passion and the vision that motivates me every morning when I get to work”, says Sabena Puri, a graduate of Harvard Business School and Columbia University, and a seasoned professional and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in creating unparalleled customer experiences, both in the offline and online worlds.  Puri recently returned to India from Palo Alto, California where she had launched and run Junnoon, a modern Indian restaurant and lounge that was ranked as one of the top 20 new restaurants in the US. 

An early believer in mobile, she worked in product development at Verizon Wireless and product management at Palm Computing.  She also spent time at (acquired by an online marketplace for artisan products. With Stage 3 she brings together her offline retail experience, a strong design aesthetic and her technology acumen to introduce customers to a new way to dress up.


Growth Strategies

How Can Start-ups Ensure a High Retention Rate in their Business?

Besides traditional customer loyalty programs, small, personalized gestures go a long way in gaining and reinforcing a sense of exclusivity in the customers' minds.

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