Shahan Sud


Shahan Sud is an investment banking analyst at Anand Rathi Advisors. A Christ University alumnus, Shahan is passionate about the Indian economy, public finance and policy solutions for a growing India. In 2018, he was amongst a select few to represent India at Harvard University, Cambridge and actively engaged in a slew of discussions about South Asia.


News and Trends

Digital Crackers Lay the Foundation For a New India: 3 Trends That India Needs to Imbibe To Grow In 2021

These trends will also be crucial to reduce the trust deficit that Indians face in their attempt to resume to pre-COVID normalcy (something that they were complacent with and a state to which there is no going back as the equation itself has changed)

Growth Strategies

How Indian Consumer Brands Can Stay Ahead of the Curve

Brands to Indian consumers are no longer about just affordability. Today brands which are able to engage with the community are able to attract more consumers

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