Sudha Mathew

Sudha Mathew

Founder and CEO, Seek and Hide

A strong willed entrepreneur who has always been interested in exploring the world, Sudha Mathew, is the driving force behind Seek and Hide.

Sudha Mathew comes with 12 years of corporate experience and has previously worked with reputed multinationals like Citibank and ICICI and handled various roles as she rose up the ranks. She completed her bachelors degree in Economics from St. Teresa's College and went on to do her MBA from Institute of Management, Research & Development, Pune.

Presently, as the Founder and CEO of Seek and Hide, she is a travel enthusiast and likes to explore new destinations.

Born and brought up across different states in India courtesy her dad's banking career, Sudha is an avid reader and values literature. Extremely passionate about her profession, she strongly believes that one should look out of the four walls of the house and explore the many beautiful destinations offered by India.  At the end of her busy day she loves spending time with her family. As a person she believes that an individual is not defined by the roles they choose to play but rather it is important to reach in to discover hitherto undiscovered potential.



#6 Must Do's for the Entrepreneur Who Travels Extensively

If you are in the destination over a weekend, don't continue working through it in your hotel. Getting away from work can lead to a productivity burst when you get back on Monday.

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