Swati Sinha

Founder & Principal Advisor, Savanna HR



How to Manage Conflict in A Startup

Management of human resources also entails that you are capable of managing conflict at your workplace

News and Trends

5 Ways Trump Can Impact The Indian Economy

Speculations Are Emerging On How This Verdict Is Going To Impact The Indian Economy

Growth Strategies

How To Make Startup Hiring A Cakewalk

Getting the right set of people for your newly incepted company is the most difficult task.

Growth Strategies

The 7 Stages Of Branding

Brand building is the most important factor to pay attention if we want to exist in long run.


10 Inspiring Quotes Of Mohammad Ali Which Inspired The Entrepreneur In Me

Mohammad Ali will exist to instill that faith in our own potential always .

Growth Strategies

How To Create An Awesome Job Description

These are few important check lists which makes a job description fully informative.

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