Tanya Gawdi

Visual Artist

Tanya Gawdi is an independent visual artist from Mumbai and is currently based in Los Angeles, California. Her work portrays her passion for colour  light and form, which inspires her to not just click photographs but also create sculptures and collages. She believes in being present in her artwork at all times. An alumnus of New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, Tanya started her artistic journey by pursuing diploma in photography from Mumbai.  She has been a part of several gallery shows at The Hive Gallery in downtown LA, Schomburg gallery, ArtShare LA and has worked on several posters for short films along with being a part of behind the scenes photography for various projects. Her love for dogs also comes through in her art,  she is currently working on a children’s book series with a little dog as the protagonist. 


Starting a Business

#6 Steps to Start Your Photography Business

Every photographer needs to have a business plan in place.

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