Why GenX and GenY Should Take up Coding as a Skillset

Learning to code has shown to strengthen life-enhancing skills such as creativity, communication and confidence

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By Shivram Choudhary


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Coding is a learning process that revolves around the axis of an individual's brain and needs a comfortable environment of digitization for its unique start. Learning to code has shown to strengthen life-enhancing skills such as creativity, communication and confidence, with the help of mathematics and the art of writing.

As per the current burgeoning scenario of the world, technology has been evolving dramatically. With sapiens becoming more tech-friendly and digitally advanced, coding is gradually penetrating into our lives. This art of programming, is not just confined to those who want to pursue their career in this field but applies to every other child who is keen towards internalizing something different than others.

Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen says, "Software is eating the world". Though, at this point, it's probably more accurate to say that software is "digesting' it. Even though we cannot see codes in our regular lives, but somehow we are always surrounded by them. In a way, they are ruling our lives. Invented in 1725, the history of coding was at first quite basic, but once it started, it really got going.

Coding for brain development

Coding empowers kids to be innovative creators and creative innovators. Learning process in a child starts from a young age and it should come from within, coding helps a kid to learn programming. There is a very thin line between coding and programming. Coding is an invention whereas programming is a discovery. Children are the best learners, keeping this in mind, information technology and software development companies are inventing video games that are tricky and require mental exercise that helps in the development of the brain. The curriculum initially of schools was restricted to general subjects such as English, Hindi and Math, but nowadays there is no subject parochial as such, schools and parents both are contributing equally to break the monotonous learning pattern.

Why coding is a skill you must learn

Coding is an entrepreneurial skill: It is not just a process but it's an entrepreneurial skill which leads to idea development, evolves creative and analytical thinking process and helps in preparing the kids to become future entrepreneurs.

Reason for innovation: In this augmented reality of the world where everything is digitally and virtually driven, everyone is so much into technology that they don't have time to see the real world, coding brings innovation to personal and professional life.

Coding is foundational: Kid's mind is like a raw clay, as a potter gives it a desired shape to convert it into a beautiful and useful object, in the very same way the best time to introduce coding in any sapien's life is when they are kids, because their grabbing and learning power is at its peak that prepares the kid to be future-ready. If coding is introduced to children early in their learning they can focus and learn it the same way they learn other foundation subjects. Maybe this will bring out the tech streak in children

Gateway to an employment: Coding is creating a way for job seekers; it's like an open gateway for employment. It's not just giving an opportunity to the learners but creating the mind full of ideas and innovations who will start something new and give jobs to those who are deserving.

Generates analytical thoughts: Coding promotes critical thinking, it teaches kids to break down a problem into multitudes of smaller problems and then helps in finding solutions for them. That way it will be easier to solve big problems. This means to be able to analyze different situations in order to connect the dots eventually.

Coding's involvement in our daily lives, from learning pattern to ongoing regular curriculum of schools, has made it more relevant and impactful compared with the past. Since digitalization and virtualization is the world's new reality, coding will be the new future. Today it is mostly related to programming and computer, but in the near future, even a single activity won't be possible without coding, because the generation Y is highly inclined towards augmented reality rather than the real one.

Shivram Choudhary

Founder, Codevidhya

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