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10 success mantras for entrepreneurs As Success cannot be achieved overnight; it requires patience, passion and aggression to convert rejection or failures into an opportunity.

By AK Mishra

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Achieving success can`t be taught to anyone. It`s only learned over the period of time. Success means different things to different people.It`s a relative term. Though, success depends upon several factors which are uniform for anyone working in any domain.

Talking about people who are looking to start as entrepreneurs, they must have the patience to gain thorough knowledge, analyze the competition, risk factors and most importantly courage to conquer all the challenges with right wisdom and belief. Moreover, it is very important to do the complete groundwork before beginning the journey as an entrepreneur.

Besides, an entrepreneur must have the ability and right wisdom to take the rejections and consider rejection as steps of ladder which ultimately leads to perfection. As Success cannot be achieved overnight; it requires patience, passion, aggression, self-belief and unshackled confidence to convert rejection or failures into an opportunity.

Furthermore, entrepreneurs must keep in mind the following mantras to climb the ladder of success:

1. Clear goal/vision: A well-defined vision and goal is very important in order to be a successful entrepreneur. A clear vision and focused approach is the first practical step which comes once you get mentally ready to fight with the challenges.

2. Right planning: Before coming to execution, right planning is very necessary. Make a 2-5 years plan; build a platform for long-term growth, not short-term benefit or a quick win.

3. Passion: Fervor zeal to achieve your target can take you to unfathomable heights and endow you with requisite skills to duke it out, competitors.

4. Openness to take Risks: Another important factor to achieve success as entrepreneurs is open to take risks. Believing that you are used to getting success all the time does not make you successful overnight, rather it makes you over confident and makes you unable to be prepared to lose or visualizing the lacking areas. However successful entrepreneurs are the ones, who learn from their losses, visualize the risk factors using past learnings, take financial risks in order to materialize their vision into realism.

5. Innovation: Innovation and creativity are the two prominent attributes of every successful entrepreneur. You should be audacious enough to face all fears and allow your creative ideas to translate into success.

6. Confidence and self-belief: To enter individually into the competitive world as a thriving entrepreneur, you should have all the self-belief, confidence and enough courage to take up the challenges and try newer things or ideas to grab more knowledge or learnings. Choosing a safe avenue does not work for an entrepreneur all the time, but using different ideas and learning to keep a backup plan, and visualizing the risk factors is what makes an entrepreneur successful.

7. Optimism: Optimistic approach always helps ward off unwarranted and unnecessary anxieties on the way of achieving their vision. The positive attitude helps you conquer all the challenges in day to day pursuits and give you the power to convert your challenges into opportunities.

8. Acceptance of the failures gracefully: The one who accepts failures well and use those experiences in order to build a stronger foundation for his business is the one who achieves greater success in life. People who have never faced failures or challenges in life can never experience something new and stop their learning. Playing safe eliminates the fun and new learning experiences; however successful entrepreneurs know that failures are nothing but stepping stones to success.

9. Customer/client's needs: A successful entrepreneur knows that their customer is the king. Therefore, they always think from the viewpoint and needs of their customers so as to delight their customers and win their trust.

10. Leadership qualities: A successful entrepreneur is one who is socially and mentally prepared to head his team. You should be an apt decision maker. At the same time, you should be responsible enough to face the outcome of your actions without blaming others for it.

Though, there are various points one can mention here but abovementioned are the important ones and should be followed by everyone in order to optimize the available resources as the competition is cutthroat with ever changing market.

AK Mishra

Founder, Art of Success

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