3 Key Factors That Can Help You Take Your Brand To the Next Level

Ashley Grayson and Ross Haley have taken similar approaches to take their brands to the next level, each of which has achieved formidable success

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Ashley Grayson and Ross Haley are authority figures in two very different industries. Ashley is a financial and credit repair consultant while Ross is a cannabis titan. Despite these differences, both of these magnates agree on one thing: how to build a brand. These entrepreneurs have taken similar approaches to taking their brands to the next level, each of which has achieved formidable success. Here is how they did it.

Ashley Grayson and Ross Haley

Quality content

There is no doubt that content is king. Anything posted online or to social media must be engaging, captivating, and speak in the brand voice. This is achieved with consistency in posting and making sure each post is superior to its predecessor. Think of the old folk tale of leaving breadcrumbs in the woods. A creator gives their audience a taste but must retain their attention. This is achieved by keeping people wanting more.

The human connection

Ashley and Ross realize the most effective method to build a brand is to know and connect with the target audience. Knowing your audience is just part of the formula. After discerning your ideal customer, businesses must make a genuine effort to connect with their audience. Social media has made this more achievable than ever, thus brands can receive and execute the most organic of feedback.

Take note of trends

In order to connect with customers, companies need to observe what their target audience is paying attention to. Social media is not only a communication medium, it is a way of identifying trends. These trends can be applied to an organization's campaigns to impact a target audience. For example, which memes or hashtags are trending among your most desired customers? Is there a way to weave your brand into what is trending online? If so, seize the opportunity and create a marketing strategy people cannot resist.

Growing a brand can be painful or a delightful responsibility. As long as you realize what to look for and how to execute customer desires, be prepared for your company to exceed even your loftiest expectations.