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5 Things You can Learn From a Successful Entrepreneur Nature has always been improbable. The more you unwind its secrets, the more likely you are to fall in its whirlpool.

By Nikhil Chandwani

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Do you believe all odds in life go by your wishes? Does destiny moves according to one's will? Life grows by leaps and bounds. The bright dawn never promises an enlightened dusk. There's only a ray of hope. A firm burns the midnight oil for harvest, still, he might not get the best crop. However, not a catastrophic storm can uproot a mighty tree. Nature has always been improbable. The more you unwind its secrets, the more likely you are to fall in its whirlpool.

Dr. Nikhil Chandwani, Cofounder, and CEO of The Walnut School of ideas believes that he has failed. Not once, but many times. This journey teaches a thing or two. This lesson, he has always remembered and will continue to follow. He has always had a roller coaster ride until now. This is evident right from his academics, when he red marks across the sheets. There was still a pain of losing a high-profile job with an international nonfictional channel deep inside him. Again, some serious travel injuries tend to strangle the room of success. He was back with a baby.A loser, maybe? But instead of getting devastated, he stood up and decided to fight back with all the force rather than crying at his losses.
Following are five mantras for success which can be learned from this man who set higher standards of Integrity-

1. Age is not directly proportional to success-

When he made it to one of India's top Engineering Institutesint Vellore, he was just 18. He did find difficulties in concentrating towards studies. As a result, he flunked! Not one or two, but almost all the exams he took. And some he never even took. His poy played the role here, the chirpy teenager,the love of his life motivated him to write. Her beauty, her care, her smile and her genuine self blew his mind away and into the poetic verses. His sleep was now metaphor and day his love. The day his classmates gave their exams, he wrote his first book - "I wrote your name in the sky and yours and yours too'

This was nothing like any regular college romance. It had virtues, it was soulful. But it got sold when it got published. Two odd months he took to pen down his first book, and things were going fine ever since for some time.

2. Life is a training course-

He gained experience and money from his travel journey. He invested in an upcoming feature film titled "She', which was a travel story of a prostitute who meets a photographer and starts traveling. The heroine in the movie sees the world through the photographer's eyes. It will be rightful to say that he was inspired by the travel life he had in the past and so he had planned on investing in the feature film. In December 2014 when shots were completed, things fell out of hands when he couldn't find a distributor. Did he fail again? No.

"Life is a training course. If you fail in one course, go to the next.
Actions are not part of your spirit, your emotions are. If you are able to control your emotions, your spirit will soar free. You can achieve anything".
He bagged a National Award in Arts and Culture later for this epic work.

3. Your passion looks no boundaries-

Again life came into shape. At the age of 21 he became the youngest professor at K.L. University, Vijayawada. An entrepreneur took birth in him with all the learning he did. He left K.L. University in Feb 2016 to start his journey with his start-up, The Walnut School of Ideas.

4. Pursuing your dream is a full-time commitment and not a part time job-

Walnut school of ideas has acquired a niche for itself as a center of advanced learning for figuring your innate passion into the avalanche of professionalism. It is an online school of transformation. They have hit the market records of remarkable passion, creativity and intensive dedication to make every student cross the border of success. Over 75,000 Students have been already trained in a very short span of time.

5. There's no any shortcut to attaining affluence-

Success is the demand of all. For some it is an uphill task and for others it's just a flip of a coin. If he were trapped in the black hole of dark times, he wouldn't have been able to nurture his life with such remarkable achievements. To mention that none of his work got proficient in just a blink or two. It's a fact that people will celebrate your success, but no one gives fuck how hard you screwed for it.

Nikhil Chandwani

Founder of "The walnut school of ideas"

Nikhil Chandwani is a Padma Shri Nominee for 2018 for rescuing and publishing 104+ writers in India. I got a chance to author 8 novels that sold over 1 million copies worldwide. I then became a travel scriptwriter and Director with experience in 48 countries. I worked as a professor at KL University, Vijayawada before taking Visiting Professorship and Guest Lecture with leading IITs and IIMS, and some of the great Asian giants. I directed TV shows Escape From Kenya and Amazing Amazon Adventures.

Later started by films, Walnut Discoveries Pvt. Ltd and Walnut School of Ideas where like-minded creative people got a chance to experience life, the way I did. I founded Nikhil Chandwani Foundation and published hundreds of authors, by rescuing them all from suicidal thoughts, depression, frustrations, etc. Most of them, including me, is TED(x) Speakers. I hold a Ph.D. in Business Communication, which I completed at an age of 21 receiving a World Record for the same.

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