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Here's The Entrepreneur's Guide to Healthy Eating An entrepreneur who is healthy is infused with optimism and creativity

By Meenakshi Nagdeve

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Let's face it - the life of an entrepreneur is largely unscheduled and involves moving from one task to another at a rapid pace. It's tough to maintain a work-life balance and most professionals tend to put health at the bottom of their priority list.

But if you want to keep your energy levels high, it would be prudent to make sure your health comes up high on your daily to-do list.

Here are the top 5 tips which will keep you sane through your crazy, busy schedule:

Start your day right, eat a power-packed breakfast:

Having a nutritious meal in the morning sets the tone for the day to come. Take a cue from some of the most influential business people in the world. India's richest man Mukesh Ambani is known to eat a light South-Indian breakfast with papaya juice after his early morning workout. Virgin Group founder and business magnate Richard Branson swears by his fruit salad and muesli in the mornings. Studies show that a good breakfast keeps your sugar levels stable which leads to increased concentration and high energy levels through the day.

Plan what you can eat at corporate meetings:

As an entrepreneur, you know you have to be prepped before every meeting, especially when you are looking to pitch ideas to investors or new vendors. Eating strategically before such meetings can help you a lot. Avoid a carb-overload as it can make you sleepy during your high-powered meetings. Bread, pasta, and white rice are loaded with gluten which makes you feel heavy and sluggish. You can instead opt for whole-wheat wraps or sandwiches loaded with vegetables or lean meat. If you want to extend your meeting with a possible investor, opt for a green tea or an oolong instead of a sugar-laden cappuccino. You may just earn extra brownie points for your choice of beverage.

Embrace minimalism to save money and calories:

Minimalism is a social movement fast catching on among entrepreneurs across the world. Entrepreneurs know that each and every penny counts while setting up a fledging venture. Take it a step further and embrace minimalism in your diet too. Pack your own lunches - this will not just save you money but calories too. Fresh, homemade food like simple khichdi, regular dal-chawal-subzi or roti-subzi will go easy on your system and can ensure that you don't fall sick. Non-vegetarians can opt for grilled chicken with salads or a chicken curry with rotis.

Make sure you have healthy snacks on the go:

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli, who's at the top of his game right now, prefers a snack of nut butter with gluten-free bread. Now you probably don't have this luxury, especially if you are juggling between meetings. While you may not have access to something as gourmet as a nut butter, dried fruits or a granola bar can work well to keep your hunger pangs at bay. Other nutritious snack options include fresh fruits, a small bowl of yogurt, and peanuts.

Schedule your workouts:

Many entrepreneurs usually give the excuse of not having enough time to work out. Don't you think it's time to get innovative about this? Plan a meeting with a possible collaborator by doing a gym session together. "Sweatworking" is a new kind of networking that's gaining momentum worldwide where corporate people are bonding over workouts followed by healthy snacks instead of gathering for drinks and conversation. If you are not a gym person, you can start your day early with yoga and meditation. Meditation is now embraced in the boardrooms of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world.

You can also walk or cycle to work if that's an option which may inspire your employees to follow suit. Having a healthy workforce means less sick days and more revenues.

When you are healthy, you tend to be more optimistic and creative - two qualities which an entrepreneur needs. To be an entrepreneur means long, sleepless nights where you persist single-mindedly to reach your goal. In doing so, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a positive outlook can become the key to your success.

Meenakshi Nagdeve

Director, Organic Information Services Pvt Ltd

Meenakshi Nagdeve is the Director of Organic Information Services Pvt Ltd.
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