5 Ways to Maintain Unwavering Focus If You Are an "Unconventional Entrepreneur"

Creativity is the buzzword now and that drives the youth towards innovation

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If you are a first-time entrepreneur, aiming at standing out from the crowd and believing in offering unconventional, lateral solutions to problems, it is imminent that you maintain unwavering focus in your offbeat yet impactful approach. Now, just imagine if Flipkart had not persevered enough on their online ordering models, which at that time was an offbeat approach, they would never have got the kind of recognition they have today.


Similarly, it is vital for you to adapt focus strategies and to not give importance to mockery and demoralization tactics adopted by people. Unwavering focus is an essential attribute of an entrepreneur in 2018 (and beyond). In this regard, Entrepreneur India lists 5 key strategies through which perseverance in your offbeat business ventures could be maintained despite all odds:

  • Improvise consistently: When you have an offbeat idea set, as your business venture, constantly make it better. This can be done through interaction with experts, along with a whole lot of self improvisation in the form of extensive research on players such as market conditions, target audience, and current consumer behaviour. You could also take insights from industry leaders to improve your business models to make them scalable.

  • Absorb criticism: While interacting with doubting thomases, there would naturally be harsh criticism directed towards your stride, take these positively. There is no need to doubt your business idea just because somebody else had a similar idea and failed. Remember to convert these criticisms into constructive output. Never be averse to critics. This approach should potentially enable you stay focussed throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Take instinct-driven decisions: When you have trusted your instincts and decided to plunge into an offbeat business offering, trust your instincts whenever the need to take critical decisions arises. Trusting your instincts, along with trusted advisors (your family members and genuine well-wishers) should enable you to maintain unwavering focus as your business takes off.

  • Recruit seekers: While you look at developing an offbeat business idea, and the business potentially; it is vital that you seek entrepreneurs sharing the same unconventionality level as you. Seekers could be in the form of your business associates, co-founders, and even the employees to work for you. Seek people with a creative and lateral frame of mind. With their ideas also pooled in, you are in a position to maintain your focus constant.

  • Take creative breaks: Take time off from routines, and make time for creative brainstorming. During this "hiatus", immerse yourself in creative activities and consistently look at ways to express yourself. This could be in the form of painting, sculpting, coding, and developing projects outside of your business. This should fill enthusiasm to move ahead through strong focus.