#6 Evergreen Strategies that Drive Successful Entrepreneurship In Entrepreneurship, there's no finishing line, and hence you got to keep pushing yourself for more

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Entrepreneurship is driven by well-planned strategies

Entrepreneurs know that to succeed in the current competitive business world, it is important to follow the basics. Hence if you are thinking of getting into entrepreneurship, it is vital that you keep it simple and ride as hard and fast as possible like a horse trying to win a race.

Here are 6 evergreen strategies that drive successful entrepreneurship.

Focus is Key

The mental and physical presence needs to be hardwired. Being focused at all times is the mantra entrepreneurs need to follow.

Hemant Mandaliya, Co-Founder of Indian Food Trail believes that the most critical business strategies are often the simplest.

"Focus is the most valuable startup advice you will ever get. Many a times, we get so overwhelmed by the work ahead of us that we keep procrastinating till kingdom come. We lose our focus as we are always running behind the next shiny object. Focus as if your life depends on it and you will never go wrong," Mandaliya insisted.

Start Small but Aim Big

You are only as big as your dreams, so don't be afraid of dreaming. It is with dreams, the world was made. When starting off, always start small. This will eventually help you succeed as you will learn to master the art of learning in every step of the Entrepreneurship journey.

Instead of a big start, focus on a niche and an exciting market. This will align well with your marketing plans.

Hemant Mandaliya, Co-founder of Indian Food Trail built a platform which put a spotlight on the various regional cuisines of India on the global stage. Starting from Mumbai, the platform is now scaling up across the globe with successful home dining events in Singapore and the USA. Indian Food Trail started out small only to create a significant impact later on.

"Start small and aim big and never keep your targets and vision too small. We make it a point to donate a meal for every meal booked through our platform, and it is our way of giving back" Mandaliya further added.

Whether your aim is to give back to society or manifest your company as a leader in a particular field, always aim high without forgetting your roots.

Have the Courage

Have the courage to fight the odds, and ignore the disbelievers. Entrepreneurs will have a constant struggle with risks, but they need to have the courage to take the chance.

Aristotle, the famous philosopher called courage the first virtue because it makes the other virtues possible. Leadership, innovation and your creative ideas all stem out from courage. Leadership is defined by the bold steps which can make you less liked by your employees, but these steps will hop your company to the top. Innovation often is not similar to what is common, and hence will face criticism but can make your business the next big thing. Failure from sales is often repeated, and so you need to keep challenging the hurdles that come your way. Lead your business with less fear and more courage.

Persistence is of Paramount Importance

Persistence is the push towards the finishing line. In Entrepreneurship, there's no finishing line, and hence you got to keep pushing yourself for more. Opportunities will never be handed out to you unless you persist in having it. Remember anything worth having means hard work and hence keep insisting on your vision.

Closing a new client is never easy! Execution and creativity along with consistency is the key when it coming to attaining success.

The Customer is Always Right

Irrespective of the type of business, an Entrepreneur should always strive to maintain cordial relationships with his or her customers. A sale is the main ingredient in every industry, and without a strong customer base, revenues may not come in.

Amit Sisodiya, Founder of GadgetZippy has focused on customers first always and believes in giving the best of service.

"GadgetZippy provides iPhone and iPad repairs at the customer's doorsteps and is customer eccentric from the very start. We believe in providing quality service over quantity.
We always put the customer first," Sisodiya says.

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Your rivals in the business field you are competing with are most likely watching your every move. To play catch up with them, or give them harder targets to achieve, keep innovating. Whether it is your product having to add new technology or making the services of your company more customer friendly, you need to be on your toes at all times.

Understand your competitors, try to maximize on their weaknesses and learn from their strengths. The best way to understand your competitors is by visiting exhibitions and fairs, following the media and their social media pages or having a casual conversation with the founders of the competing company if at all possible.

Remember that it's always good to be up to date with technology and new digital strategies. However, at the same time, remember to stay tuned with the classic principles stated above. These strategies have made the walk into the endless a less arduous affair and helped in scripting an inspiring and successful Entrepreneurship journeys.

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