Here's How You Can Be More Professional at Work

Professionalism is not about talking the talk but it's about walking the talk.

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No work is small and no work is big. It's just the amount of professionalism and grace you carry in your workplace that determines the greatness of your work and your chances of getting ahead in a professional life.


Because there is no substitute for maintaining professionalism in the workplace, you're better off learning the tricks of the trade. Given below are a few tips from the industry experts that will help you become more professional at your work:

1. Shun negativity

According to Mr. Perminder Singh Malik (Director, DLP India Edutech Pvt Ltd), "When there is a positive frame of mind, it gets a lot easier to behave in a professional manner."

As he said, "There will be numerous days when you would want to give up everything because it might seem that things are not aligning with your interest anymore. The success, however, depends on staying positive during times like these and pushing away all negative feelings. While you work, there is a need to constantly remind yourself of reasons for which you love your job." This attitude has indeed helped Mr. Singh re-define the system of online learning and distance education in India.

2. Actions speak louder than words

Mr. Sachin Jain, Director Girnar Global, however, feels that a positive attitude alone doesn't suffice. Besides performing a set list of duties, you have to go above and beyond in doing everything that may directly or indirectly connect to your workplace. You have to, therefore, show a lot of enthusiasm and readiness to take on new roles and responsibilities in order to win the trust and confidence levels of the management team of your company.

In order to demonstrate high levels of professionalism, it also requires setting up examples for others. This is because it is your actions that determine the final outcome of your journey. For example: By phubbing your colleagues all the time, you can't really expect them to be committed to you or dedicated towards their work.

3. Work is worship

"Those who learn to worship their work are the ones who are able to model professionalism in its true sense. What one must understand is that professionalism is not about talking the talk but it's about walking the talk. And, professionalism is about maintaining the high standards of commitment, conduct, practice and determination at all times," stated Ramneet Kaur, Director of DLP India.

4. Reverentially responding to customers

"The keyword to success is definitely responding conscientiously and timely towards customers," swears Mr. Raghav Bhandari, an ace private banker.

Michael Leboeuf best quotes," A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all". The best way to gain a loyal customer is by being professional in building long lasting relations with customers and reverting to all their queries promptly. The various elements where professionalism can be manifested are job skills like technical, communication and leadership skills and a well-bred cultured mannerism towards "the ultimate king of business".

5. Communication is the buzzword

It's indispensable to outgrow your rival business opponents or colleagues and the only game changing element is effectual communication with employees, colleagues and every other person who is a part of the organization. Your mannerism must exude confidence yet one must not stoop down to back-biting or cockiness. One must treat everyone with utmost respect and be accountable for your actions and owe up to your mistakes.

"You'll readily carve a niche for yourself if you are empathetic and compassionate in your behaviour. You can be authoritative by being approachable and humane in your communication with both the upper and the lower hierarchy", insists Mr. Pravin Daryani, director of A&A Business Consultancy.

Some Final Words:

Being professional in the workplace will always act in your favour and will only do well for you. It can set you apart from everyone else in the company and make it easier for you to the climb the ladder of professional success which many others find it difficult to.