How Entrepreneurship is Changing the Face of the Country

The horizon of Entrepreneurship brings out a new scope for the creative minds to deal with the existing shackles in society

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By Dr. Saarthak Bakshi


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Entrepreneurship is not just conceiving a business idea that too which is different from the world but also includes the passion it takes to translate this dream into Reality. Entrepreneurship is a very broad term and it takes a lot to be an Entrepreneur. There are several hurdles that come along the way in this journey and there are no short cuts except relentless hard work, willingness to achieve or a miraculous idea.

India is a country where individuals have loads of ideas, skill and intellect. Their combination of smart work and hard work complements to the extent that they are not only just benefiting themselves individually but also contributing to the growth of the country. Entrepreneurship certainly involves a lot of risks which can be taken by only a few. Still, India is swiftly developing with numerous novel entrepreneurs who are definitely changing the face of the country.

The Game Changer

Let's look into how the country has been growing rapidly with an augmented number of entrepreneurs in the country.

1. Economic Development: Not all entrepreneurs come from wealthy backgrounds. But there are many that strive to be successful. This ensures that the country is thriving to be economically developed and balanced. The government also supports people with small businesses with relatively low investments who are trying to come up in rural or semi-urban areas. With new workspaces coming up day in and out, this also brings in new and greater job opportunities which also results in a higher standard of living of the people. Such developments tend to evade the economic disparities that have been prevailing in the society.

2. Self-Sufficiency: With greater opportunities in the market for the people, this tends to people being indulged in producing greater economic activities. This makes people being self-reliant and independent economically. Their dependency on others is substantially reduced and they are liberated from economic hitches.

3. Improved Lifestyles of the People: With the creation of better jobs in the market, people shall earn more and take home more. This shall induce them to lead a better lifestyle and an improved standard of living. Entrepreneurship this helps in elevating their own and the people associated with them to lead better and enhanced lives.

4. Technological Advancements: The fresh and original ideas of the Entrepreneur result in novel production which requires a high level of technology and equipment. The dynamic technology is a boon to the system with its access to all sorts of information with a click of a button. Access to such technology enhances the working standards and makes the organization more dynamic. With this leap to move forward, the government of India also supports and instils in abundant confidence in the young minds and concepts. The entrepreneurs are supported by the government as well.

The horizon of Entrepreneurship brings out a new scope for the creative minds to deal with the existing shackles in society. It seeks to bring in economic stability, newer jobs, better standard of living, remove disparities and shall substantially lessen the gap between the rich and the poor. All of it is only possible when people start engaging themselves in business and economic activities. The people associated are also advanced which eventually results in greater benefits for all.

Dr. Saarthak Bakshi

Founder & CEO - International Fertility Centre

Saarthak Bakshi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the International Fertility Centre. He is known for his persona as an engineer, an entrepreneur and a social worker. He soon realized that he has an inborn passion for entrepreneurship and went on to launch a slew of ventures including International Fertility Centre.


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