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Entrepreneurship isn't Just For Engineers: Desi Artistic Startups Startup options are getting funkier and colorful. Here are some options to choose from

By Rustam Singh

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It is disturbing if not frightening to discover how most startups and successful entrepreneurs in India have engineering in their background education and training. Arts and crafts or the softer side of life has been given barely any focus in India, even in the entrepreneurial field. Thankfully, the trend seems to be changing. From small-scale home grown boutiques to custom-designed clothing, from providing spaces for exhibits to sale and purchase of art, several entrepreneurs have tapped into the market that offers promising scope for growth.

Hand-printed textiles

Hand-printed textiles offer a niche market to those luxury buyers that are looking to add a special touch to their fabric creations and wearables. Not only is the work engaging and inspired by the entrepreneur's own personal life and work, but also fetches incredible money for the same. Check out Safomasi – the exquisite, hand-printed cushions and quilts that tell a story.

Custom gifting/apparel

The easiest art idea to work around, yet the most innovative one wins the award. There are several dozen startups that have made it big, even into entire franchise stores, that started from a simple mom and pop home shop. Whacky prints, custom logos, slogans or even Indian touch to designs make key selling points. Try Happily Unmarried, Chor bazaar and Punjabi Heritage for some inspiration for designs.

Merchandising artwork

Another great option is a social network for artists that allows them to merchandize their artwork, such as Cupick. Independent sellers or artistic entrepreneurs can easily showcase their work and gain an audience for following or sell and purchase of their artwork.

Independent films

Lots of curatives offer spaces for young directors, producers and artists too showcase, crowd fund, market and promote their documentary films. Artists can meet and discuss options as well as compare and view different movies, all breaking away from the monopoly of giant MNCs or Bollywood, such as Jamun productions.

Home-made food production

From pickles, to papads to entire exotic food production, home-made food pays for its premium cost and value because it simply does not taste like mass produced food. Food enthusiasts will pay good money to label custom, chocolates, cakes, pastries as well as daily foods.

If money wasn't a criteria, what would have been your artistic entrepreneurship idea? Let us know in the comments on our official Facebook page Entrepreneur India

Rustam Singh

Sub-Editor- Entrepreneur.com

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