Every Individual Is Different, So Is Every Entrepreneur Discover the secrets to design your own ideal entrepreneurial lifestyle

By Pinal Jain

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The books are confusing, every article talks otherwise, influential speakers have their share of stories to share, newspapers galore, magazines overwhelming with particulars. While I do resonate with quite a few, I have strongly come to believe that every individual is unique and have his/her own story.

While you may continue to extract the juice from this fruit platter, you need to understand you are a completely different seed sown.

Some say do not stick to an idea for long, while others talk about the importance of perseverance, both have proved their determination and so this little seed is wondering where to settle.

"Quit your 9-5 job', "find your passion', "follow your heart' is the new fad. We are surrounded with people who constantly seem to be propagating these catchphrases. Nothing against these expressions but every individual needs to analyze, assess and understand one's own life's calling.

With yet another series of "sky is the limit', "impossible is nothing "and "be optimistic' may sound very reassuring, however it may not always hold true for different situations demand certain forced decisions. "Hand to mouth', sole bread winner' is also a harsh reality.

It's difficult to decide. For instance, in some cases an office address works while for some nerds, a 15-inches screen at some cafe is all it takes. Some believe in the theory of know it all and do it all by self, while others are more keen on act of handing over tasks.

You are an entrepreneur, an employer, an initiator, a leader who will set guidelines, give directions and decide the flow of action. Do not let any other set premise deter your thoughts or ideology. The landscape is common for all but every individual sketch is unique.

We are at the mercy of the society who is merely sniffing those perfume strips without smelling the coffee beans; every fragrance is different.

With the diverse preference for a spicy, fruity, woody or citrus fragrance, every pretty labeled glass container has its own space on the shelf. So be the best version of yourself, stick to your own semblance, hold on to your philosophy and take decisions based on your life principles.

Words To The Wise

  • Perseverance and dedication are the two most essential business tools.
  • Be ready to take on any task when situation demands.
  • Do not imitate as results could have negative impact on the brand in the long run.
  • Have your systems, legitimate documents and processes in place, right at the outset.
  • Know your skill set, take your full responsibility and emerge as a winner.

Stop comparing, reacting to criticisms; throw yourself and dive deep into your passion and your distant dream will soon become your immediate reality.

Pinal Jain

Co-founder, SPRIHA Timepieces

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