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7 Ways to Overachieve Your Business Goals The idea is to stretch goals, achieve and celebrate

By Anirudh Gupta

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There is one thing to be an entrepreneur; another is to be an entrepreneurial achiever. If one has to achieve differently, one would also need to work differently. It's the time of the year when most of us look forward to going after our goals in full throttle. There are a few tried and tested strategies which help to navigate the complex web of opportunity.

1. Plan Differently:

It is important to ask"What are the ways the result can be achieved with less effort/and fewer resources?

Winners don't do different things, they do it differently. This is an apt observation by ace motivator and Author Shiv Khera.Plan for 3 times of your industry profitability.

That, when brainstormed with a team, opens up new possibilities of growth. Sometimes 10x growth is the result of it.

It is a mix of teamwork, identifying the missing links and staying focused.

2. Delegate all Non-value Adding Tasks

There are jobs which are done by us entrepreneurs in the initial phases on account of lack of resources or shortage of resources. One ends up becoming a jack of all jobs in the business. A primary practice is to check the value of the task done versus how it should be done?

That gives an answer for most situations. It also helps one to enjoy one's work.

3. Master Blue Sky Thinking

Blue sky thinking is nothing but scenario planning under the best possible situation. It also helps to expand into new markets and think ahead for building an ideal product-market fit.

The key is to understand the value of the value proposition. As long as one is able to enhance it one can achieve anything.

4. Build Your Personal and Organizational Brand

Before entering a market it is important to build your personal brand/corporate brand. It is built out of small things which create a higher trust with the client.

For eg: Responding to service requests/reviews is as critical as trying to upsell a product. That becomes a moment of truth for the consumer and builds credibility. Nowadays being on social media, connecting with people at different forums helps to build credibility.

5. Set Stretch Goals

There are goals which are too easy to achieve. There are goals which are too hard to achieve. It is important to set realistic goals which excite oneself and the teams one is leading. That is our worldview is critical to building the edge at your enterprise level.

One of the founders we know sets realistic goals for her organization and achieves them well before time. The idea is to stretch goals, achieve and celebrate.

6. Always Give More Than Expected

For everybody, one meets to try to give more than expected. It creates goodwill and helps to share ideas in an integrated manner. For eg: A certain introduction can help somebody break through the clutter.

Sometimes building upon the needs of the associate makes a difference.

The extra mile creates the edge over the longer term.

7. Recognize People for Initiatives, Reward on Results

The first step for the company to grow is to respect the individual as an individual. That helps to communicate in a more effective manner during periods of building transitions.

Wish you and your enterprise Godspeed.

Anirudh Gupta

Co-founder & CEO, Ashiana Financial Services

Anirudh Gupta is passionate about financial education and entrepreneurship.He has written 100 plus articles on linkedin and 25 plus articles in print media including 2 in Businessworldonline.
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