This Couple Owns a Label and it's No Way an Ordinary One 'Shyamal and Bhumika' as the brand name goes grew steadily and currently stands at eleven million followers on social media

By Anindita Ganguly

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From a pret label in 1999 to one of the reputed bridal label, the journey kick-started with Bhumika's Amdavadi collection in 2000, when she wove a real zari sari. Come 2003, saw the establishment of Shyamal and Bhumika as a brand, post their marriage. "We blend together in terms of design, classical music and love for nature. Even our designs are mostly inspired by our mutual interests," states Bhumika adding, "A common friend once introduced us and then it never went wrong." Today, they have ten year of professional relationship with India's finest fashion shows- Lakme Fashion Week and India Couture Week.

Apparently, it was their difference in opinion that drove them closer as a label. "Shyamal is more entrepreneurial and ambitious about the brand growth, while I am more focussed on couture. That helps a steady growth of the business," explains Bhumika. On that note, they add, how working together helps them win every project, giving them the freedom to stay together and balance out professional and personal spaces.

"Looking back, two things stand out the most. Firstly, the way we both collaborate while designing a new collection -the process, our visions, thoughts, discussions and occasional debates and the way all of it comes together. This is one of my favourite things about working with Shyamal. Secondly, once a show gets over it's a time of relief; the shared joy that we made it to the finish line," states the mother of two also adding, "We don't usually travel together, so that one of us can be with the children."

Having said so, 'Shyamal and Bhumika' grew steadily and currently stands at eleven million followers on social media. "2010 was the start of our continental expansion and by 2012 we were the most followed South Asian designer," quips Shyamal. Today, this brand has retail presence in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Delhi and would launch soon in DLF Emporio as a standalone brand.

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Anindita Ganguly

Former Trainee Writer, Entrepreneur India

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