How Teachers Imbibe Entrepreneurial Skills in Students at a Young Age

The entrepreneurial seed that is sowed at an early age grows with mentors' continuous nourishment

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Leaders don't develop entrepreneurial skills overnight. It is a gradual process, accomplished over a period of time through various stages of life. The most crucial one of which is nestled in the white walls of a classroom filled with wooden benches, chatter of children, noise of chalk scratching on the blackboard and the exchange of life lessons.


Children are often compared to clay that can be shaped however the potter (teacher) wants them to turn out. With the appropriate amount of knowledge and real world teachings sprinkled, the artist has the capability of nurturing them into the drivers of national economy. Great educators have the magical potential of shaping young minds the right way.

Entrepreneur India explores how these flag bearers of education contribute in the making of future leaders.

First Step

Business students are taught the ropes of trade and culture in business schools whereas some are born with an entrepreneurial instinct that merely needs a direction. That is when teachers come in, to stretch their imagination and back them to chase the audacious goals. However, they are never happy with whatever the students achieve, be it in academics or at the professional stage of life.

"The heat a good teacher exposes you to is what moulds you," said Sampreeth Reddy Samala, the founder and CEO at Worldview Education. It is a teacher's high expectations and big hopes from his students that never fail to push the young brainers towards the path of success. More than their expectations, it is their enthusiasm and passion to share their knowledge is what acts as another strengthening factor.


Teachers work hard to figure out their students' strengths and weaknesses with patience. "Figuring out the hidden potential in people, what challenges them, what will motivate them and shaping their attitude towards the world is not an easy thing to do and our teachers do it every day of their lives," said Dipti Motiani, the founder and chief product officer of Second Nature.

Despite the age and physical shortcomings, teachers expose their students to thousands of opportunities waiting for them while mentoring them into trained individuals to deal with mountainous challenges life is waiting to throw at the vulnerable beings. "The limitations on the path to your dreams can be overcome, if you have the right attitude."

Trick of Survival

More than often, students tend to ignore the advices teachers give them on daily basis but some teachings become life lessons to move forward. One of such lessons Dipti has adopted as her success mantra. "There are a myriad of problems that anyone can list down when faced with a difficult task – but the key is finding the solution."

Communication is the key for success in entrepreneurial ecosystem, an art most people learn at the school stage by participating in competitions, committees and communities. The pushing factor – teachers. "They have been instrumental in channeling my energy and focus onto the areas where they would be most impactful and have made me a better person in the process."


Honesty, loyalty, teamwork and discipline are some the utterly crucial values students learn while studying but the same are relevant for the success of a business venture too. These little things important to be imbibed in the organizations not only make our everyday work just a bit better but also a bit more worthwhile.

"There is no success that can be interpreted as perfection & no failure that is a totally imperfect one," believes Samala who has incorporated a number values learnt during school in her life and business. "Being humble about our work and our influence helps you achieve, succeed and above all result in satisfaction, contentment and happiness."

Life Lessons

Teachers spend days to figure out the hidden potential in students, what challenges them, what will motivate them and shaping their attitude towards the world but never gives up. It is their attitude and effort behind every activity that teaches their students value of passion, a trait which helps them to succeed in life.

"Never make a product that you do not believe in, even if it is a good investment," is the lesson taught by one of her professors in class which Dipti has used to build her brand. Likewise, many such lessons entrepreneurs hear from their mentors guide them in their journey of establishing their business but the mains are hardly acknowledged.